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 Due how to get started

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Due how to get started Empty
PostSubject: Due how to get started   Due how to get started Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2018 8:58 am

Prefix is !

As soon as the bot sees you, it will create you an account.
You'll start of as a Level 1 with ¤100!

To start off, you might want to have a look at your profile. You can do this with !myinfo.
The bot will respond with something a little like:

Due how to get started Myinfo
This is your basic stock profile.
Next to your avatar is your banner that has your battle name, level and current exp shown on it.
On the left you can see the last eight awards you got (starting with the most recent).
In the information section you can see your stats, cash, equipped weapon and wager/quest stats.
Your profile can be customized with themes, banners and backgrounds.
If you want to improve your stats a little wothout doing quests, you can !train every six hours.
Stats are gained at random!
(in the range of 0.1 to 0.2)
Want a little pocket money? Type !daily for a daily of ¤50!

Quests are the main way to gain exp and stats.
Every 6 minutes you get a chance of a quest spawn (you are not guaranteed a quest every time).

When you do  the bot will send you a "new quest" alert like the one below!
Due how to get started New_quest
The level of quests you get will be near (but not exactly) your level.
If you want to accept this quest first check !myquests.
You'll see a list like this:

Due how to get started Myquests
This is what your quest list will look like with a few active quests.
The little blue box in the top left corner of a quest is that quest's number (used for !questinfo and !acceptquest).
The little icons in the bottom right corner are meant to give you an idea of how hard the quest is (red being hard and green easy).
So if you've checked your !myquests you should now know the number of the quest you want to accept.
BUT first you probably should (unless the quest appears super easy) check the quests stats.
You can do this with !questinfo <quest number>

Due how to get started Questinfo
!questinfo is similar to !myinfo just without the awards and for quests.
Okay! So you're ready to take on the quest now!
Do !acceptquest <quest number>

Due how to get started Screenshot_2018-03-24-12-33-52
Oh no! I lost!
It must be RIGGED /s
But really losing quests is quest common, especially early on.
You may find it hard to get started, but remember you'll always have !train and !daily.

Due how to get started Battle-1
Due how to get started Screenshot_2018-03-24-12-44-09
Yay! We have a winner!
When you beat a quest you'll get a cash reward and stats!
The amount of cash you get depends on how hard the quest is and what weapons were used.
Same for stat gain.
🗡 Weapons
DueUtil's Weapon Shop!
🎮 | Nintendo Switch
⚔ | Louis XIV Sword
🔫 | reggaD
💸 | Money
💰 | Investment
cat | Bad Tom
❄ | Cryogenic Pistol
🔫 | Ghaster Blaster
🔫 | Musket with Bayonet
🐸 | Dank Pepe
🌞 | Sunlight Straight Sword
😱 | Scream
This is the first page of the shop  thete can be much more pages.
To have a closer look at a weapon in the shop do !shop <weapon name> it will bring up the weapons stats card.

!shop Topluluk Pazari
Due how to get started Untitl10

You can also see this card after you buy the weapon by doing !myweapons <weapon name>.
The price shown then will be how much the weapon will sell for - not how much it cost you!
So you've found a nice weapon?
Do !buy <weapon name>!
crazyg81 bought a Musket with Bayonet for ¤361
If you already have a weapon equipped, you'll have to equip your new weapon!
To see your weapons and switch out which one you're using do !myweapons.
MacDue's Weapons
Currently equipped: 🍌 | Banana Gun
🗡 | Dagger
😆 | TrollWeapon
🥄 | Dente
🛡 | Legendary Shovel
🔫 | Metralhadora
🔫 | Musket with Bayonet
Do !equip (weapon name) to equip a weapon.
You can store up to 6 weapons and have one equipped!
You can unequip your current weapon with !unequip but unless you want to fight bare-handed there is no need to unequip.
Swapping weapons is done with the !equip <weapon name> command.

🛠 Customization
As well as weapons you can get themes, banners, and backgrounds for your profile in the shop.
You can view the list of whats on offer as well as view a preview the same as with weapons.
Checking the list of themes (for example), is the same as with weapons but you swap "weaps" for "themes" (!shop themes).
Just doing !shop will tell you this.
👋 Welcome to the DueUtil general store!
Please have a look in some of our splendiferous departments!
!shop banners
!shop backgrounds
!shop themes
!shop weapons
For more info on the new shop do !help shop

Here's an example of how you could get your profile looking.
Due how to get started Myinfocustom
This is MacDues profile with the Material Blue theme and the Geometric background.
Themes set your background, banner and the ui design.
But you can still change your banner and background with a theme.
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Due how to get started
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