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 Tatsumaki Info

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PostSubject: Tatsumaki Info   Tatsumaki Info Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2018 8:31 am

Keep your very own virtual pet! (Btw, the prefix is now !; I can't be bothered to change all this)


Before we can go buying any virtual pets, you need some money to buy them. Every message you send will grant you between 3 and 5 credits (this can be changed if we feel it's too slow or too fast). You can also get credits by using the following commands:

!!daily - Gives you 200 credits every 24 hours.
!!dailies - Alias to daily.
!!daily @mention - Give someone else daily credits. Worth more than normal.


Now you've got some money (you'll need 900), you can buy a pet! Use:

!!tatsugotchi - See your pet.
!!pet - Alias to tatsugotchi
!!tg - Alias to tatsugotchi
!!help [tatsugotchi/pet/tg] - See all tatsugotchi commands.

Once you have a pet, you can see it by typing one of the above commands

Tatsumaki Info Room

You need to !pet train, !pet clean, and !pet feed your pet. You can see quests by typing !pet quests.
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Posts : 19
Join date : 2018-06-24

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PostSubject: Re: Tatsumaki Info   Tatsumaki Info Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2018 8:34 am

!!help - Obvious.


!!profile [*@mention*]- View yours or someone else's profile.
!!rank [*@mention*] - View yours or someone else's rank.
!!reputation *@mention* - Award someone a rep point. Aliases: !!rep
!!setinfo *text* - Sets the info text shown on your profile. Max 125 chars.
!!settitle *text* - Sets your profile text. Max 23 chars.
!!background - Allows you to change your profile's background.


!!dice [*(rolls)d(sides)*] - Rolls rolls sides-sided dice, e.x. !!dice 2d12
!!choose *option* | *option* | [*option*] | [...] - Makes a choice for you.
!!8ball *question* - Asks the magic 8 ball a question.
!!coin [*number*] - Flips number coins.
!!rps [*rock* or *paper* or *scissors*] - Plays rock paper scissors.
!!cat - CAT PIC!
!!psychopass - Evaluate your crime coefficient. Aliases: !!psycho
`!!fortune [*category*] - Get a fortune from the following categories: all, computers, cookie, definitions, miscellaneous, people, platitudes, politics, science, and wisdom. Default is wisdom.



There's an inbuilt voting system! To start a vote, type:
!!vote start t:[*topic*] | *Option 1* | *Option 2* | [...]
!!vote start t:"Is Superboo an idiot?" | Yes | No | Maybe

You can then vote on this by typing:
!!vote [*option*]
!!vote 1

Votes can then be checked using:
!!vote check

and ended using:
!!vote end

Only one vote can be active at any one time. To starta new vote, end the current one.(edited)

!!wiki term - Search Wikipedia for term.(edited)
And that's it! See? Not complicated at all... If you have any questions, ask Superboo. This was his idea
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Tatsumaki Info
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