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 Engineering applications

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Engineering applications Empty
PostSubject: Engineering applications   Engineering applications Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2018 9:54 am

We are looking for Engineers.

This role is for Discord and could also be described as a "soft mod" role, helping run the server, and keeping it open to all, as well as scalable.

This role involves in:
keeping an eye on chat (for any posts posted in the wrong channels on discord.)

If you see any posts posted in the wrong channel you MUST delete that post and @tag that person and let them know where it should have been posted
by mentioning the channel #name so they can click that tagged channel.

Looking out for any problems with chat and or anything else with discord.

Report any issues such as abuse to in the engineering channel on discord this is a private channel so only you Admins and mods can see this channel.

How to apply?

Please post below what your @name is on Discord stating you wish to apply and either me or one of my mods will look to see if you are eligible for this role.
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Engineering applications
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