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 KitRobit info

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PostSubject: KitRobit info   KitRobit info Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2018 9:22 am

KitRobit is, first and foremost, our video and stream announcer. However, it does have some useful commands too:

]time - Converts times. UTC is used if no timecode is specified, or none is set using ]timezone.
Syntax: ]time -z [timecode] [message]
Example: ]time GMT Live at 5pm!

]timezone - Sets your preferred timezone. This saves that info forever, and means you don't have to type the timecode every time.
Syntax: ]timezone [timecode]
Example: ]timezone GMT

]live - Returns a list of all currently live streamers. Cuts the list off at 25.
Syntax: ]live
Example: ]live

]8ball - Simulates a magic 8 ball.
Syntax: ]8ball [question]
Example: ]8ball Should I stream today?

]roll - Rolls dice.
Syntax: ]roll [number of dice]d[number of sides]
Example: ]roll 2d10
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KitRobit info
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