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 Action commands

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PostSubject: Action commands   Action commands Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2018 9:14 am

Action Commands
->nom {@mention}: Nom someone or something.

->bite <@mention>: Bite someone on the server.

->bloodsuck <@mention>: Suck someone's blood on the server.`

->pat <@mention>: Pat someone on the server.

->poke <@mention>: Poke someone on the server.

->slap <@mention>: Slap someone on the server.

->tickle <@mention>: Tickle someone on the server.

->lewd {@mention}: Call something or someone lewd.

->meow {@mention}: Meow at something or someone.

->greet: Send a greeting in a random langauge

->pout <@mention>: Pout at someone on the server

->nuzzle <@mention>: Nuzzle someone on the server

->cuddle <@mention>: Cuddle someone on the server

->smile <@mention>: Smile at someone on the server

->stare <@mention>: Stare at someone on the server

->teehee <@mention>: Tease someone on the server

->facedesk: Smash your head on a desk
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Action commands
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